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At Snapdragon Dog Grooming, I groom each dog start to finish. This way there is no long wait time in a kennel. I enjoy spending quality time with each dog. I groom one dog at a time, by appointments only. I don't have a bank of kennels full of barking dogs. That helps me provide a calm, quiet environment for those dogs that get stressed easily. I do have a large portable pen to set up as the dog waits for his/her ride home. 

Each dog is bathed in a shampoo customized to their skin and coat type. Afterwards they are hand dried, de-matted, and brushed out. Then ear cleaning, nail trim, haircut and/or what other extras they are brought in for. As soon as your dog is done I'll call or text you to let you know he/she is ready for pick up.

I also offer Puppy Packages for puppies five months and younger. I enjoy introducing the grooming process to the young ones. It needs to be done slowly and with patience.

I strive to provide a calm, safe, and clean environment during your dog's stay at the salon. I am attentive to detail and make sure every dog walks out looking good.


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